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0:16 Intro & Recap
1:56 Wrapping the Board & Assembly
2:50 Installing New Speed Controllers
3:16 How Will We Power The Board?
4:14 Hovering Test
4:52 How To Get Started With Engineering!
5:55 Jimmy Has A Solution!
6:50 Making Sure Things Don't Go Boom.
8:16 4th Hover Test - Will It Succeed?
9:51 Cooking Eggs On A Super Hot Motor
10:20 The Finished Board & Installing The Floor
10:40 The Final Test
12:56 Outro
After Dark by PYLOT
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Time Spender by F.O.O.L
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Curious Cat by Cinema Life
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  • Old Time back to the future : Hoverboard is impossible tech. Now : Hacksmith & Jimy Proto Hoverboard its work awesome yea

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    • Joke

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  • ว้าว

  • Plot twist Doc TIme Traveled to 2021 took the idea of the hoverboard and invented it in 2015

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  • Hacksmith you have made almost everything of iron man but one thing is missing that is “IRON MAN SHOULDER FLARES”

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  • Great idea could you cut weight by running wireless charging port to magnet and have a positive and negative charge running under the metal to make a power change through a peace of steel so you can still push off ground and not get zapped and if you are able to make a charge have a center field of position and negative pressure or even a way to force the field to push you forward for the heat run coolant hoses under steel plate with liquid nitrogen running through them

    worst gamer everworst gamer ever12 tuntia sitten
  • Imegen they worked for the government they would have everything they need to make machines

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  • ok, now make these as skates

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  • Time to tweet it a little and start distribution

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  • Asian Super smart tech man with Reddit humour and internet lols. Michael reeves?

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  • omg no way that is so cool that is going on my wish list!!!

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  • Bruh this is the man who created the future the future will come because of him Edit:Also all the people he might team up with

    Mashroor FMashroor F19 tuntia sitten
  • It would be amazing if yall made it kore powerful and make it hover even higher

    Dorian KingDorian King20 tuntia sitten
    • More*

      Dorian KingDorian King20 tuntia sitten
  • Look like a skim board on land

    Theo CorrTheo Corr21 tunti sitten
  • i got a feeling you guys are going to make something thats gonna change the world.

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  • Now build a car with the same tech. And get elon musk to build conductive roads so that all hover cars that drive over it produce electricity and powers the grid

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  • Good work! keep it up, people want this.

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  • This makes me think that I won’t be long until we have proper hoverboards

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  • People in twenty years with flying hoverboards be like: Lol

    eioshen boboieioshen boboiPäivä sitten
  • Hey, I've got a new Hoverboard design idea. Have you tried making the board stay in place while hovering above another board that can be pushed with magnet-powered wheels? Could even make a full electric control board with a hovering board above it that can be remote controlled to spin and such. This design simulates a hoverboard that doesn't require a metal ground.

    Joe ProJoe ProPäivä sitten

    Ariga ThanksAriga ThanksPäivä sitten
  • That is incredible Guys and Gals. Jimmy you will go down in the history books, of building movie props! Congrats😁

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  • Now he just has to make 7billion

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    • Hey, I've got a new Hoverboard design idea. Have you tried making the board stay in place while hovering above another board that can be pushed with magnet-powered

      eioshen boboieioshen boboiPäivä sitten
  • You guys are awesome!

  • Is there one Hacksmith Industries Hall in Germany I would make a practicum or Holiday Job there 🥺😂

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  • 7 million views the effort paid off

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  • This channel or this video is for kids right? 🤔 It's just so dumb 👎 but great for a kid 👍

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  • 1:00 if 2=2 and 3=3 why am i so empty =( lol

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  • Well done. Great effort. However, apparently a steel floor (that does not warp) is still needed. This is not the hoverboard which hovers over all surfaces.

    Arthur WhiteArthur White3 päivää sitten
  • From A2 motivation arvind arora

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  • In the other vid it says that the Hacksmith can't tie his own shoe lace and does not have any shoes with laces, but at the last and final test where they used liquid nitrogen and it was hovering the hacksmith was wearing laced shoes.

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  • Do you think you could recreate the Chitauri Chariots from the Avengers? They flew at decently high speeds at relatively moderate heights when you think about it, but were open without an outer shell.

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  • Nobody: Me: 100% Canadian pride

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